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5 Things You Need To Know Before Choosing A Property Manager

Steph Williams

Getting the right property management for your investment property is very important to homeowners, because poor rental property management can have a considerable negative impact on potential return on investment. There are currently a wealth of Melbourne property management companies, which can make it even more difficult to ensure the residential property management you choose is the right one. Still, there are some things owners should be doing before choosing their property management provider. Here are just five to start with.

Competitiveness of Property Management Fees

One of the first things that owners need to look at is the property management fees associated with the companies they are looking at. Competitive fees can make a big difference in terms of real estate property management because they impact an owner’s return on investment. Property management services are not always competitively priced, although at My Rental fees are nearly half of industry averages, representing a considerable saving.

Accessibility of Property Management Companies

Residential leasing can be complicated, and having the right property management can definitely make a difference in the lives of property owners. Accessibility to your specific property manager is one important part of this. Your property manager should be easily contactable, and should update you regularly. Otherwise you’re having to undertake too much of the property management services yourself. At My Rental, two property managers are assigned to each case, ensuring there’s always someone to touch base with and provide updates.

Reputation of Rental Property Management

When you’re considering changing property managers, the reputation of your new property manager should certainly come into the equation. Luckily, property managers are almost always reviewed online by their clients, making it easier than ever to choose residential property management with a stellar reputation. Your residential leasing concerns are in good hands with My Rental, who have a number of 5-star reviews from our happy clients.

Proactive Nature Of Property Management Procedures

One of the failures we see often in the real estate property management clients encounter before choosing My Rental is the re-active nature of property managers. Rental property management needs to be pro-active in their approach to managing and maintaining your property to ensure issues are dealt with swiftly and the level of service is consistent. At My Rental, we believe that pro-active property management is the only option.

Understanding of Online Property Management

We live in a world of online property management, and property owners should definitely be looking at how much potential property managers have embraced the world of online real estate. When changing property managers carefully consider the digital tools provided by the property management company to make your life easier. At My Rental we offer our clients an industry leading app where updates and details of their properties are always available.

Choosing the right property manager is key in getting the most from your investment properties. At My Rental we know how important your property is, which is why we do all that we can to ensure your experience with us is not only simple, but also leads to return on investment.