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What Does Effective Property Management Look Like For A Landlord?

Sarah Boyle

It’s an unfortunate fact that many landlords have had a less than ideal experience with property management. Whether it’s poor communication, inconsistency in quality, or a general mystery around what they are in fact doing – it’s always good to get clarity on what you should be receiving. At My Rental, we’re pleased to have converted many landlords into advocates, as our proven track record speaks for itself. So let’s cover what effective property management looks like for you, the landlord.

Access to lead generating marketing

The importance of first impressions cannot be understated, which is why marketing plays such a critical role in getting the right applicants interested in your property. My Rental conduct professional photography that best highlights your property, and then priority places those images on all major property portals. This appealing photography and listing placement attributes to the interest received on your property, ensuring that a wider selection of applicants are engaged. We speak with many landlords who are not satisfied with the calibre of applicants, and our practice has shown that appropriate marketing has a lot to answer for here.

Negotiation and applicant management

Landlords should have no say in the negotiation process, and this is where the property manager can really present their value. When a shortlisted collection of applicants are on the table, My Rental will begin the screening process using the National Tenancy Database, and then select a tenant after negotiations and lease agreements are issued. Consultation with the landlord will play a part, but you property manager should be representing your best interests in this area. Document handling can be an arduous task, but all that the landlord will see is the final signed paperwork through the easy-to-use My Rental Landlord app.

Rental and property maintenance

Effective property management will ensure that your rental returns are consistent, and easily tracked through your My Rental Landlord app. Poor property management will not place enough responsibility on financial returns, putting landlords at risk of tenant paying late or not at all. With My Rental, you are represented at every turn and your rental returns are at the highest priority. The same goes for your physical property. All maintenance requests and reports will be handled by your property manager, and only escalated to you when they need to be. Quote gathering for all required works will be administered by our team, and the amounts visible through our My Rental Landlord app.

Your property asset deserves to be managed and maintained with the utmost care, and this can only be achieved through an effective property manager with the experience and technology to get the job done. If your current property management solution does not look like the aforementioned, it could be time to make the change and start a conversation with My Rental. Contact our My Rental property managers today, and find out what you can expect from the leaders in the field.