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What You Should Expect From Your Property Manager

Ben Williams



Property Investor’s often don’t have the time or inclination to run the day to day requirements of their investment. It is the goal to have a property manager that will allow you to sit back and watch your investment succeed.


However, not all Melbourne property management firms have the same approach to the important role of investment management. To help you understand what to expect from your Melbourne property manager, we have listed some of their most crucial duties.


Managing on behalf of your Melbourne property investment

Depending on the needs you have for your Melbourne property investment, you can expect your property manager to fulfill a range of these activities:


  • Negotiate rent that’s relevant to your investment’s worth, and to collect that rent from tenants.
  • Help with the lodging and collection of bond payments
  • Providing you and your tenants with a tenancy agreement that complies with the relevant laws
  • Make regular inspections of your property
  • Keep the landlord up to date regarding financial statements and other relevant notices
  • Arrange for any maintenance or repairs that are deemed necessary to see your investment grow
  • Keep up to date with all council rates and taxes, as provided by the rent income of the property
  • Help to advise the best course of action for difficult tenants and prepare formal notices



Managing on behalf of your Melbourne property’s tenants


If you want your investment to generate consistent rental income, you will need tenants that are happy to stay in your property. This means that the relationship between them and you and your property manager should be an amicable one, as this will help smooth over any issues that may crop up.


A property manager can help you find the best possible tenants by fulfilling the following duties:


  • Thoroughly screening all applicants and ensure both business and personal reference checks are conducted
  • Respecting the privacy of your tenants, but still ensuring that the property is taken care of
  • Helping to resolve any issues regarding the day-to-day activities related to the property, for example, emergency repairs, noise complaints, and so forth


Your choice in a property manager will ultimately decide how quickly it will grow. Contact us today to find out more about our bespoke property management services that will help see your investment succeed.