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Why Should You Choose My Rental Melbourne Property Management?

Owning a property isn’t something to be taken lightly, and choosing to rent out your investment property means making some decisions about property managers. As a property owner, you want a property manager you can trust to take care of your property who has the experience, technology, marketing and prices that will get you the most return on your investment.

This is where My Rental Melbourne Property Management come into the picture. They are the Melbourne property managers you have been looking for to take your property to the next level in term of financial stability and viability. For property managers Melbourne homeowners can trust My Rental Melbourne Property Management, and here’s why.

Experienced Melbourne Property Managers

In finding the right property manager, Melbourne property owners know that experience counts most. At My Rental Melbourne Property Management we have some of the best property managers Melbourne homeowners will encounter in their property journey. All of our clients have two property managers assigned to their portfolio to make sure that your investment is always protected by our expert team.

Smart App On Management Process

My Rental know that for rental property management Melbourne owners are looking for simplicity, which is why we offer an industry leading mobile app. Our smart app allows for complete oversight into the process of property management Melbourne owners need to make their lives easier. All the information you need to keep an eye on your property and property manager, available with just a few taps.

Impressive Marketing For Best Results

When it comes to property investment, Melbourne owners understand the importance of marketing their property to potential tenants. My Rental are the quality rental property managers Melbourne owners should choose specifically because of their dedication to premium marketing solutions. This includes professional photography (included in fee) and priority placement on real estate portals. Essentially it’s the complete package for rental property management Melbourne owners require.

Cost Effective Melbourne Property Management

The quality property manager Melbourne owners need is one who understands the difficulties of property investment Melbourne buyers encounter on their way to financial returns. One of these is the prohibitive cost of property management Melbourne owners have come to expect. The good news is that My Rental is different. For rental property managers, Melbourne owners will find My Rental’s costs are almost half of industry benchmarks. Despite this, we offer high quality rental property managers Melbourne owners will be impressed with. Our services are not lessened by our competitive fees, but your return on investment is certainly improved by them.

Ultimately, property owners need to balance their own needs as property owners with the importance of achieving returns on investment for their properties. The expert team at My Rental can not only assist in ensuring your investment properties deliver returns, but can also offer high quality services competitively at below industry pricing. Choose My Rental today and embrace a more worry-free property investment journey under the expert hand of some of the best property managers in Melbourne.

Why My Rental Isn’t Like Other Melbourne Property Management Companies
The team at My Rental know that when it comes to Melbourne property management, the market is busy. We can see why customers can struggle to find the right property management services for their needs, and why they often end up with residential or real estate property management that isn’t right for them.
In a market as saturated as this one, customers who are changing property managers often ask us: Why isn’t My Rental like other Melbourne property management companies? Well, there are three reasons.

A Dedicated, Available, Team
My Rental is just as busy as Melbourne’s other property management services, and yet our clients know that we are always available to help with any of their residential property management enquiries. Why is that? Well, at My Rental we make sure to assign two property managers to every case. One person simply cannot always deliver the real estate property management service you need, and they can’t always be available. With two of the rental property managers Melbourne trusts your questions can always be answered in good time, by someone familiar with your residential leasing situation.

Experienced Across The Board
While some property management services offer just residential property management or real estate property management, My Rental is different. We have a strong service offering online property management, residential leasing and can even provide advice on the property investment Melbourne buyers are looking for. When it comes to the rental property management Melbourne needs to take care of all their property jobs, My Rental is the smartest choice because we have that enormous range of services. Why bother using more than one property management office when you’ve got My Rental?

Tech Savvy For Your Benefit
We live in a new age of residential property management, but not all companies have been able to keep up with the online property management boom. My Rental has. We understand that online property management isn’t just the future, it’s what makes property management easier for owners and managers alike. We want you to know when you’re changing property managers that you’re choosing the rental property management Melbourne knows is at the top of all the technological advances in management. Ours are the rental property managers Melbourne trusts because we aren’t just there for you in person, but there for you and your property digitally too.
Whatever it is that our customers are looking for, from property management to advice on the property investment Melbourne buyers are looking for, My Rental is the place to go for expertise you can count on. Our team is highly trained, dedicated to our customers and regular available to answer any and all questions and concerns about your property, and the management process. We offer a wide range of services, and we’re very much dedicated to the digital future and easing the way for property owners on all things management. Yes, My Rental is certainly not like other property management companies, and that’s what makes us so much better.

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