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My Rental Property Management

Property management is not the industry for everyone, but the My Rental team are not just average property managers. We’ve been thinking recently about why we decided to be involved in the property management industry, and how that motivation has helped us to become the property managers Melbourne owners love.

We’re Homeowners And Investors

We believe one of the driving forces behind our success as Melbourne property managers, and indeed why we entered the industry, is that we too are homeowners and property investors. As a result of this we know the challenges of finding the right property manager, and the difficulties that are par for the course with many property management companies. My Rental aims to be different and our understanding of the investment journey has made that possible.

We’re Sick Of The High Prices

After being on the other side of the fence and seeing the extravagant property management fees that were the industry norm, we could see why many were attempting to undertake property management themselves. Unlike most property management companies, My Rental offers property management fees well below industry standard, while still offering the high service that has made us the best Melbourne property managers. Our management fees are just 4% compared to an industry average of 7%, and our letting and reletting fees are very reasonable.

We’re Passionate About Property

The team at My Rental didn’t become the property managers Melbourne calls on without having an immense passion about property and seeing our clients succeed. Financial viability is the dream for property owners and investors, and a quality property manager can help that happen. Our rental property management plans are a step on the way to success and we actually want to help you get there. We’re helped countless clients on their way to an investment property dream, so allow us to use our expertise and passion to help you too!

Our Property Managers Know The Market

The team at My Rental have years of combined experience in all things rental property management, and one of the reasons we decided to become the property management Melbourne owners were looking for was to share that knowledge. We are always happy to help our clients plan how they can be more successful, which is why our team are the property managers Melbourne loves.

We Are Changing The Game

When it comes to property management Melbourne owners aren’t wrong to be cautious. Putting your property in the hands of a property manager is a big deal and there’s always a chance what they find is not necessarily the property manager Melbourne owners are looking for. At My Rental we want to offer a property manager Melbourne owners can trust, at prices they can afford so they can achieve the success they’ve been waiting for.

So, if you’re looking for a property manager that you can trust to take over the management of your property and help you to succeed, choose My Rental. We are the property managers Melbourne owners love, and with good reason.

Not Your Average Property Managers