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Premium Property Management Without The Price Tag

Steph Williams

Property Management

Congratulations, you own a property suitable for renting. Property Management? Though, honestly, sometimes the thought of finding a quality property manager Melbourne can be scary and overwhelming. You have heard the nightmare stories of people who squat on the property, holding out on paying, and creating costly repairs for the owners.

Other owners seem to enjoy the dream of making passive income with low hassle. The latter group is probably doing the landlord gig with the help of experienced and professional rental property management companies.

Before you feel ruffled about another expense with that property, consider a few things. It does not have to be overpriced or costly even. In fact, hiring a rental property management company with a proven track record will maximize the profit while minimizing cost. In other words, a good property manager such as My Rental is worth every penny. Here’s why.


The My Rental Difference: Affordable Options

One of the top rental property management companies in Melbourne consistently beats out the competition in client satisfaction ratings. We charge 4% for rental property management, compared to the industry average in the area of around 7%. Save nearly half and get better service? You bet.


Honesty Is My Rental’s Best Policy 

My Rental property management fees is definitely another way that we are far ahead of the competition. We offer up a guarantee of no hidden property management fees. That’s a winner for anyone who has had dealings with other residential leasing management companies.

Property management fees are well worth the cost when compared with how often and for what reasons residents typically contact their property management companies. With the residential leasing manager in place, the property management fees are well worth the money.


Changing Rental Property Management Companies

When it comes the time, changing property managers may not always be the most seamless transition. Changing property managers relies a good deal on the quality of the parties involved. At My Rental, we ensure that changing property managers is an easy and effortless process.

Changing property managers to My Rental is a dream that we make a reality for many home owners. We charge record low fees without the hidden fees. The lease fee is reasonable at a flat $300, with a re-letting fee of just $100.

The point is, My Rental, the focus is on delivering the best customer service to you and to your renters. After all, the impression we leave on your renters is a reflection on you.

It turns out that people who are very happy and very sad love to make online reviews and commentaries about their residential property management companies. If they love My Rental’s service, they will speak highly of you and their residential property management team.

We love to build relationships, and rapport, which in turn builds stable rental populations for our clients. It’s a win-win-win of property management services.

Even if you only need a real estate property management service to sublet your home while you are overseas, we can do that. Either way, our clients are given the same top-notch residential property management service, whether they are relying on us for real estate property management on 14 units or on 1.

That’s the key to providing the best property management services to clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the best customer service while giving premium real estate property management to our clients.

Property management services do not have to be costly, even with online property management in play. In fact, streamlined residential leasing with online property management makes us the convenient service for our tenants. Online property management provides the gateway to excellence at an affordable price.